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5/1 - 07

It's been quite a while since anything happened here and actually since we played any gigs or did any recordings.
This site is up again because the world need to know The Hymans are still around.
Keep visiting and let us know if there is something you wanna add here, contact us here.
We will update you with more news and you can still buy records from us as we still have some of them in stock.

If you're a band that wanna make covers of our songs feel free to do so but please let us know if it is something for recordings etc.
Public performances such as gigs etc are of course only a great honor of someone wants to do our songs and perform them!
But always remember who wrote the stuff! THE HYMANS /Micke Hyman

8/5 - 05

The HYMANS part on a Norwegian tribute to The RAMONES.
We will enter the studio in mid-june to record some tunes as well as new great tunes of our own, so hopefully it will follow some mini-cd or something later this year.
Our contribution to the tribute is not set yet we will record first and then we'll see which tuuuune will turn out the best.
There will be bands from both Norway and Sweden on this tribute. Format will be both CD and vinyl.
Band list:
etc. totally max 25 bands.

For more info regarding the progress on this tribute: SEE HERE »

2/4 - 05

We have finally received the tribute from Rockaway Records where The Hymans parts with the super version of Let's Go!
It is a really cool tribute in fact I would say the best one up to date, it is really covering everything from real classic acts like Heartbreakers and Ramones members to totally unknown acts. Here are some of the artists appearing:
The Boys (classic UK punk rock band!)
Adicts (another classic UK punk rock band)
Youth Gone Mad Featuring Dee Dee Ramone
The Independents featuring
Joey Ramone on vocals!
Stop featuring
Mickey Leigh (Hyman)
Etc etc

And all is mastered by the mastering master himself mr Ed Stasium! WOW!
The only thing to complain about is the fact that it says we're Belgians!!!? Nevermind though, everybody knows that The Haymans are Swedes and nothing else!
Play fast'n loud be Hyman Proud! Check it out here as well: ROCKAWAY RECORDS

2/3 - 05

The Hymans first gig at a music contest!!!! As weird as it sounds but they parted in the "Battle of the Tribute bands" as, who else, The Ramones. The show was in 20 minutes and 11 songs all from Rockaway Beach to Commando (It's Alive). Success is the word and The Hymans qualified for second round in this weird competition.
More gigs will follow in this wave, on the 25th of may is the next round in the Battle....

15/1 - 05

The Hymans play a show for the Tsunami disaster in Asia on a show in Falun among a massive huge amount of famous and infamous acts.
This was also the first gig for the new Hyman guitarist Guran Hyman and he did it just excellent!

20/10 - 03

New Gig @ Halloweenparty, Björbo on Saturday 1st of Nov!

20/10- 03

The Hymans will part on a tribute to The Ramones album in Argentina with one song.

23/6 - 03

New Gig @ Valvet, Malung on Thursday 17th of July!

25/5 - 03

Next gig @ Komidsommar with Dökött & Sabbaton + more on July 11th...