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On may 30th it is finally time for the Hymans 30 years anniversary gig.
The gig will take place in Björbo at Fänforsen outdoor stage, close to the restaurant Fänforsen.
As this is a private gig we need everybody to pre-registrate for the party by sending us an email who will come. 

Mail your registration of ask questions HERE.
Entrance fee: Payment of 150 kr at the entrance includes an exclusive 30 years anniversary Tee-shirt. 
Opening: 19:00 hrs
Finishing: ?
Extra info: Food can be bought at the restaurant away 150 m from the stage area and beer and wine is served at the stage area at very decent Hymanoid prices.
If you don't pre-registrate either by mailing us or by registering at the event on Facebook
Bands playing: The Hymans, Charta 77, Larzon, Moonboys, The Past, Loudmouth and special guests...

 Hymans 30 affisch  Hymans 30 tee
Poster (Click to enlarge) Tee shirt (Click to enlarge)