October 25 2019 - The Hymans play @ PAFF, Gamelgården, Ludvika

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February 12 2019 - The Hymans play @ House of Punkrock, Borlänge - House of Blues on March 15th.

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August 18 2017 - The Hymans play @ PAFF Punk And Fest Fagersta, Fagersta - Miners MC on Sept 30th.

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Febryary 13 2017 - The Hymans play @ Café Gula Huset, Brålanda on March 24th.

Name of the event: "Ramoneskväll med Hymans på Café Gula Huset". Tickets can be purchased on Ticster, only pre-booked are assured and very limited numbers of visitors so you better be quick.

January 30 2017 - The Hymans play @ Stoppsmäll Gents Club, Falun on May 26th.

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January 30 2017 - The Hymans play @ Räfsnäs, Ludvika on May 27th

See more information onour Facebook event

January 30 2017 - The Hymans play @ The Rock Bar, Karlstad o May 20th

See more information on our Facebook event

January 30 2017 - The Hymans play @ Gamrocken, Grängesparken Gärngesbern on May 19th

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January 30 2017 - The Hymans play @ Floda Bistro, Dala-Floda on February 25th

See more information on our Facebook event

Novehember 13 2015 - The Hymans play @ Stoppsmäll Gents Club, Falun on February 6th.

Together with the legends of swedish glam-punk band Larsson we're going to rock your asses sky high on saturday february 6th.

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August 6 2015 - The Hymans play @ Hedemora Out & Loud, Hedemora on August 29.

See more information about Hedemora Out & Loud.

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July 20 2015 - The Hymans play @ Stoppsmäll Gents Club, Falun on September 4th.

See more information about Stopsmäll Gents Club.

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May 10 2015 - The Hymans play @ Gamrocken, Ludvika on July 31.

See more information about Gamrocken.

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July 13 2014 - The Hymans play @ Gamrocken, Ludvika on August 1st.

See more information about Gamrocken.

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July 12 2014 - The Hymans play @ Redneck rumble in Vallerås, Malung on july 19.

Redneck rumble is an event for extreme sports held every year on diferent places and once every year it'sheld in Vallerås, Malung.

We were asked to play as they have always been listening to us and liked our music so we're gonna give 'em some 1-2-3-4!

More info

March 31st 2014 - The Hymans 30 years anniversary @ Fänforsen Björbo 30/5 2014

The Hymans 30 year anniversary gig, Björbo Sweden on May 30.

Play fast'n loud be Hyman Proud!

April 12th 2013 - The Hymans plays Ramones @ Dinos Bar, Mariehamn 1/6 2013

The Hymans will play Ramones @ Dinos Bar in Mariehamn, Åland on June 1st.

Play fast'n loud be Hyman Proud!

April 12th 2013 - The Hymans plays @ Piren, Ludvika June 29 

The Hymans will play @ Piren, Ludvika on June 29th.

Dec 21st 2012 - the Gig @ King Rock Club, Falun moved to Feb 16 2013

The gig @ King Rock Club, Falun has been moved to saturday 16th. 

Be there and sing-a-long to the famous Hyman tunes!

PLay fast'n loud be Hyman proud!

Dec 1st 2012 - Gig @ King Rock Club, Falun on Feb 15 2013

The Hymans will play@ King Rock Club in Falun on february 15. Support act TBA.

This time it's the Hyman line-up with Bempa on gits again. So be there and be prepared for real 1-2-3-4 played fast'n loud and Hyman proud!


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Oct 26, 2012 - Gig @ Klubb Hellmer, Falun Nov 23rd

The Hymans will play a gig @ Klubb Hellmer, Falun with Moonboys. No Bempa on the git this time as he's currently unavailable.

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Oct 8, 2012 - Photos from Piren gig Sept 1st uploaded

Some shots from the success gig @ Piren, Ludvika on sept 1st is finally uploaded. Check 'em out.

Click here to view the photos

June 30, 2012 - Gig @ Piren, Ludvika, Sep 1

The Hymans will play @ Piren, Ludvika on September 1st. This time it's gonna be a full set so all of you Hyman fans out there, this is an opportunity you don't wanna miss out! 

The gig is a release party with Mainliners, another great band from L-a of sweden!

More info about the venue Piren

Play fast'n loud be Hyman proud!

May 14, 2012 - Gig at Birdnest 30 year anniversary, May 12

Seldom these days you are lucky enough to witness a Hyman performance, but nevertheless on May 12th you had the chanse at the Birdnest 30 year anniversary party.

All of the old Birdnest bands like Charta 77, The Past, Finkel Rokkers, Squareheads, Dia Psalma, Johan Johansson, Sober, Big Fish etc etc were there. The Hymans played at 8:30 pm and as all bands had very limited time to play, only 30 minutes (which is enough for an entire Hyan gig) including soundcheck and riggin up, The Hymans only played 6 tunes (the other bands played 3-4 each. One training together 4 days before was obviously enough as the band played as tight as ever before. The tunes played was:

There's no tomorrow
Counting my toes
Bad sense of direction
Sick'n tired
Pet Sematary
Always on my mind

The band were surprised by visitors all the way from London, UK. A guy had come all the way from London to Köping just to see the Hymans perfiorm fro 10 minutes.... Now that is something worth the whole gig!

The guy (don't know his name but you can see his photo HERE) was happy after and said all though everything else was sounding like shit the Hymans gig made it worth the entire trip many times. So we just say cheers dude!

Jan 14, 2011 - Gig at Immortals MC, Jan 22

Finally time for a Hyman performance as we are playing at the Immortals MC in Ludvika on January 22nd.

Unfortunately it's not a public performance so for you who are not invited, we're sorry.

More gigs to come in the future and if you want to book us for a gig, Contact us!

Dec 13, 2010 - New web released

The new web is finally released with a new look and some nice features.
On the lyrics front I've finally put the thangs together and typed out some lyrics for more songs of the Hybrids album.

I will also publish some old reviews from old releases that we used to have on the web in the past nad that somehow got lost in all chaos...
So keep visiting us and you'll see what pops up here every now and then.

Play fast'n loud be Hyuman proud!

Feb 15, 2010 - Hyman videos released

Finally we have released some Hyman video shots from various generations of Hyman history!

Bempa has doen a good work diggin his old VHS videos and released some goodies at
I decided to put them up here as well, so keep visiting us for updated clips.

There will soon be put up some clips from the anniversay gig as well.

Just click this link to go to the Videos clips

Play fast'n loud be Hyman proud!

Feb 2, 2010 - The Hyman Community opened

Hey Hymanoids, it's time for some changes again so i put up a Hyman community where everyone can join and
share their thought about the Hymans!

Just click this link to visit the Forum/Community

Play fast'n loud be Hyman proud!

Feb 1, 2010 - 25 Year Anniversay Gig At Club Cavum, Ludvika Jan 30

The 25 year anniversay gig in Ludvika @ Club Cavum was a great success totally jammed with Hyman-fans

The ones who came were not disappointed!

We played more songs than ever before and had to do 2 extra rounds. Soon there will be some video clips up here
and on other places on the web so keep visiting us for updates.

Here's a list of the songs played:

  • Mrs Robinson
  • There's no tomorrow
  • Bad sense of direction
  • Mental Case
  • Those days are gone
  • Sick'n tired
  • Counting my toes
  • I don't need anybody like you
  • Next Time
  • Hey hey hey hey
  • C'mon and love me
  • Hangin on the telephone
  • The KKK took my baby away
  • I wrote a letter
  • What did I do?
  • I wont let you go!
  • Pet Sematary
  • I remember you - Little Sheela
  • I don't know where I belong
  • Outcast of society
  • Through these eyes
  • Always on my mind


  • C’mon and love me
  • I don’t care
  • Sheena is a punkrocker
  • Havana affair
  • Commando

Play fast'n loud be Hyman proud!

/Micke Hyman

Jan 30, 2010 - 25 Year Anniversary Gig

Anniversary Gig - 25 years of Play Fast'n Loud Be Hyman Proud. We will play two sets of Hymanic tunes
and beloved covers during the evening for your pleasure!

Venue: Club Cavum in Ludvika

More info about the venue: CLUB CAVUM

Play fast'n loud be Hyman proud!

Sept 21, 2009 - Photos

Uploaded some shots from the gig Kräftsmällen at Floparken - Dala-Floda on August 15.

Check 'em out here: GO TO PHOTOS »

Play fast'n loud be Hyman proud!

June 24, 2009 - Gigs

The Hymans will play at Floparken - Dala-Floda on August 15. More dates will come later and we will do the anniversary gig in September - October so stay tuned on what dates etc.

Here's some more info about the gig and the venue, CLICK HERE »

Play fast'n loud be Hyman proud!

February 13, 2009 - The Hymans 25 years - gigs etc.

The Hymans have been around since 1984 meaning 25 years of 1-2-3-4. We will definitely start playing again later this spring so keep your eyes open for places where we will play.
Play fast'n loud be Hyman proud!

October 31, 2008 - Hyman Merchandise available

The Hymans store has finally opened, visit the STORE HERE.

October 29, 2008

Bempa is back on the guitar again after a few years disorientation in other projects. We're very happy to have the original and best Hyman guitar player back where he belong.

October 7, 2008

The Hymans Photo gallery is finally launched! Click the link and enjoy...

August 31, 2008

The Hymans now also on You find us here Don't know why we're there but I figured that with so many copycats out there, calling themselves The Hymans I guess we have to show 'em who's the original....
I don't say I don't like copycats they're just a proof that we've done something others have noticed and that's why we're here from the start. So a real honest thanks to all the copycats out there!

July 4, 2008

First gig for ages took place in Björbo, Sweden at Erikas (Mickes wife) birthday party. it was the first gig since April 2007. Two sets were played and as ususal the 1-2-3-4 was solid as a rock. Play fast'n lod be Hyman proud

May 15, 2008

The Media page is finally out here filled with Hyman songs and the legendary movie - Videoinsanity.

Go there and listen folks!

Go to the MEDIA page »

April 11, 2008

Finally new design on this part of the Hyman world!
This is a first draft so some parts might not be up and running instantly, but but be patient and you'll se a new fresh Hyman world uprising!

The band has been in a long hibernation by now, last gig was played in april 2007, a year ago.... But as we say play fast'n loud be Hyman proud meaning old legends never die and we will be back one day for another lesson in 1-2-3-4!