Meeting with Dee Dee

The meeting with Dee Dee Ramone

Just an average day in Amsterdam......


Well it was the last day in Amsterdam on a european trip, or you might call it tour as we actually played one gig at the venue De Eland in a town called Delft about 50 km from Amsterdam, and our hope of meeting mr punkrock himself Dee Dee Ramone were vanishing. We had hung out on several clubs and bars we knew Dee Dee used to visit frequently but no sight of him. We even got to know some friends of him who were americans then living in Amsterdam who used to meet him now and then. That day Kempa and Bempa left the rest of us to meet up with their girlfriends back home in Sweden. The rest of us were about to leave for the Roskilde festival in Denmark the next day. Me and Pelle went down to the Red light area were some friends were staying and when we came there, Per Granberg told us to meet up with him in Vondel park an our later.... -Don't forget to bring your camera cus it's the last day here he said with a poker smile...
Then we realised that we might had a date which included Dee Dee himself out there in the park. About 40 minutes later me and Pelle were staying outside Burger King just on the outside of Vondel park when Pelle roared to me:
-Hey Micke it's Dee Dee!

Micke and Dee Dee

Micke and Dee Dee outside the Burger King restaurant near Vondel Park in
Amsterdam where we first met him and Barbara Sampini.

I turned around and there he was. Mr Dee Dee Ramone with a much younger girlfriend (Barbara).
I sort of reflexed "Hey Dee Dee" and it kind of scared him I guess, because he jumped up a bit and stared at us for a moment....
-Hey what's that Tee shirt, is it like Jeff Hyman?, he asked me.
-Yeah it's our band, I replied.
-Hey that's cool..., he said so I grabbed one out of a plastic bag and gave to him.
-This one's for you Dee Dee,I said.
-Oh no it's too much I can't accept this, this is much to much.The humble man said a bit embarassed. So it seemed anyway. Then we talked for a while and he signed the new Ramones album (Adios Amigos). Curious he looked it all over and inspected the photo of the Ramones guys and said:
-At least Marky's got decent sun-glasses...(a bit grumpy).

Pelle, Dee Dee and Barbara

Pelle, Dee Dee and Barbara outside the Burger King restaurant near Vondel Park in
Amsterdam where we first met him and Barbara Sampini.

Then he inspected the thank list and satisfied he commented that they had his name on it..(of course, he wrote half of the songs on it). Then we went, the four of us down to Vondel park a 5-600 m walk. One of our friends Jonas Larsson, from Colordream who actually were accompanying us on the Europe trip, all of a sudden made his famous "Moon-Walk".... Which he does very well actually. Dee Dee with mouth wide open just roamed:
-Hey this guy's a sharp dancer...I've practiced this for ages but still haven't learnt how to do it...

Dee Dee, Barbara and Pelle

Dee Dee expresses his impression of Jonas Larssons moon-walk skills.

-How do you do that?, he quite honestly asked Jonas, who just shook his shoulders and smiled.
Our walk went on further into Vondel park while talking about anything and nothing, I asked him why he had left New York City... -They don't want me anymore, was his reply.
I didn't know then about all the shit and rough living he had passed through during his years with the Ramones so I guess I was a bit surpised about his anticipated holding towards the Ramones. But still he seemed proud of his big part in the heritage of the Ramones. You know there's thousands of questions that you would like to ask but feel to emabarassed to really ask. So we like small talked about this and that.

Micke Hyman and Dee Dee chating in Vondel park

Micke and Dee Dee with his wife Barbara on the right hand side, chatting in the sunshine.

I asked him about old friends like Johnny Thunders and if he knew anyone in Kiss etc...really banal questions... But most of the time we just sat there, the whole gang ( like 10 persons ) in the hot summer sun in Vondel park where it always happens a lot of things on a sunday afternoon. And hey it sure felt kinda great to just be there with Dee Dee Ramone himself, the greatest song writer ever.

The entire Vondel-gang hangin out in the park

On the left hand you can see the entire gang hangin' out in Vondel park that sunny day in the
end of june 1995. The guy who stands up in the middle is Jonas Larsson the "Moon-walk"
dancer... Needless to say anything else isn't it... Vondel park is really a nice spot in the quite
nice city of Amsterdam.

After like 3 hours Dee Dee and his then, fiance Barbara left us, shaking hands and I gave him a Hymans album (Hymiliation) which, by that time hadn't been released yet, but we brought a few copies down to Holland so Dee Dee got at least one copy of it.

Micke Dee Dee and Pelle Hyman

Micke, Dee Dee and Pelle Hyman hangin' out in Vondel park

Which afterwards was prooved to be a nice move.....

He hailed the album as one of the greatest he had in his collection, we actually heard that through Per Granberg who were there with us in Holland and knew Dee Dee's american friends in Amsterdam thorugh whom he had sent his great regards to us in The Hymans. Guess that's all you need to know... I mean what anyone else says after that isn't worth shite paper, is it!

Micke Dee Dee and Pelle

Micke, Pelle (hidden) and Dee Dee in Vondel park. (Dee Dee looks kinda scared huh!) Dee Dee and Barbara

Dee Dee (Hyman?) and Barbara in Vondel park.