Here's some reviews of the second Hyman album, Hymiliation released in 1995 on Steppinstone records, Sweden.


Backstage #27

It's no secret that I love the Ramones and genuine pure rock´n roll. The Hymans sounds like the Ramones and because of that I should like them. As a matter of fact I do "Hymiliation" is more than "Hymanity". The material keeps a high profile and the melodies are strong. I'm lost and I enjoy getting abused time after time....
-Lennart Larsson, Backstage #27.


On the "Hymiliation" album there are enormous punk killers that not only attracts through great melodies but also with witty lyrics. What were talking about here is a worthy Swedish equivalence for the Ramones. "Hymiliation" is a very good album.
-Carin Borg, Popöga.


Better than the Ramones latest (Adios Amigos). If only the Hymans been on any of the mayor labels they would surely been STARS by now. The Hymans delivers numbers of hits where the melodies stuck as rapid glue and everything's great.
-Mikael Kvillert, Slambang.

Flashback Magazine

Fantastically great!....
- Flashback Magazine

Dee Dee Ramone

This is great.... finally I've got a decent album in my collection! Don't give this to the boys (Ramones) 'cause in case I'll be out of work as their song writer from now on...
-Dee Dee Ramone after receiving a copy of the "Hymiliation" CD from Micke in Amsterdam

Akasha Magazine

The Hymans has never been hiding the fact that it was the Ramones who brought them into music business. Dee Dee Ramone himself has appointed this album as one of his dear favourites."Hymiliation" strikes tunes from the school of the Ramones without any turns but with their own arrangements and lyrics, bonus for not being so nagging, which I consider is a fact with the Ramones sometimes. Decent!
-Anki Sundelönn, AKASHA Magazine.


The Hymans are no hypocrites. this must be one of the greatest party bands up to date...
- Sydsvenskan.