Hymanity reviews

Here's some old reviews (reactions) on the Hymanity album


Arbetarbladet- Gävle

A indeed very impressing debute! Honestly not what I’d expected from a band that’s been haussed up in the Swedish popmagazine Sound Affects because of their fabulous Ramones-clones. High speed hits full of joy and ambition, it’s quite obvious that we will hear more from the Hymans in the future. My newborn favourites are the Hymans!
-Ulrika Nilsson, Arbetarbladet- Gävle.


Hymans- Hymanity is filled of happy fast poppunk it’s a packet of energy in the high voltage class. Refrains easy attaches to your mind is delivered instantly in tune after tune.
-Anna Östlund, Dala-Demokraten.
Hymanity is an album filled of three-chord rock that gets your adrenaline pumping. Hymans has great songs, strong melodies, a great singer and change greatly between fast and more poppy notty songs. What else do you need?
-Lennart Larsson,Backstage

Close-Up Magazine

For a starter I found it hard to cope with the Swedish Ramones but after about 20 listenings through their songs I know better, in short terms the Hymans is perfect salute to the Ramones. Just check out the lyrics that rather deal with the wordly than the worlds problems:”I met her at Disneyland/She played the drums in a hardcoreband/and then I knew I was in love/She bought a hot dog and I bought two...” Buy listen and enjoy!
-Robban Becirovic, Close-Up Magazine.