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When I put on this album I tried to ignore the fact that this is the Swedish Ramones, but after only three songs I had to give it up, this IS the Swedish ramones and that’s a fact. The first song the Blondie cover ”Hangin´on the telephone” gave me such an adrenaline kick that I spilled coffee on my poor dog. When the same thing repeats during the second song ”There she goes again” I decided to send my dog outside to prevent mayor burns. This record which is only available on vinyl (white) is the best one of the Hymans three albums. Goddamn buy it and ”Play fast´n loud be Hyman proud”.
-Kalle Jansson, FUZZTONE.

Useless Earlyripes Magazine

Is ja toll, da kommen da´n paar Schweden & rocken ab wie Sau, & spielen auch noch in bester Ramones-Manier sich die Seele aus´m Leib. Da fehlen mir echt die Worte, 11 Hym(n)en der allerfeinsten Art werden einem in die Magengegend gepustet. Mal rotzig frech a la Electric Frankenstein & mal voll der Bubblegum-Surfpunk. Eine Bereicherung fur jede Sammlung.
- Mitch Seiser, Useless Earlyripes Magazine, Germany


Gabba Gabba Hey, 11 punk rock tunes that almost sound more like Ramones than the Ramones themselves. Sometimes this Ramones clone scheme works and sometimes it does not. Hymans belong to the first cathegory and any Ramones fan will appreciate this. Includes cool Blondie cover.
- Lars Krogh, MOSHABLE Magazine, Danmark.

Maximum Rock´n´Roll

......in most cases they´re better than the Ramones, which is sacrilege......
- Maximum Rock´n´Roll, USA