Chairmen of the bored

Chairmen of the bored reviews

Here's some old reviews (reactions) on the Chairmen of the bored album from 1998 on AMP Records, Canada.


Chairmen fotage

Splendid E-zine -At A Glance

Looking for Swedish punk rock -- or maybe just Swedish punks in frocks? Try the Hymans: Micke, Kempa, Bempa and Pelle. They claim that "for the best sound possible they use guitars, voices and drums" and hey, folks, isn't that really what punk is all about? The title track is a D-Generation-type slacker anthem, while the similarly-themed "Sick'n Tired" sounds like the Ramones with a thick Swedish accent. "My China Girl" is a heart warming tale about in which the narrator meets a girl "in the escalator". So the English isn't great -- who cares, its just rock 'n' roll anyway! To quote the band again, "Play Fast'n Loud, Be Hyman Proud!"
-- Splendid E-zine -At A Glance, Tx USA

Maximum Rock'n Roll

Que'raro! They're from Sweden...They sound dead on like The Ramones...but 'Brain Drain' era!?! What the heck!?! Don't get me wrong I loves The Ramones, but... why!?! 'Brain Drain' sucked...hard. They're from Sweden, so I'm guessing they know any better. Actually, this is very well done. They really do sound dead on like the bruddas. Punk points for the use of Johnnny's real last name.(bm)
-- Maximum Rock'n Roll, USA

Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger

A great album, we like it a lot and we think it's very close to the 77 punk (Ramones) spirit. The song we love at best is Sick'n Tired and Hymans did well to put it at the first place in the track order. The sound of the album is particularely good and powerfull as it should be for that kind of (good !) music, this is one of the first thing we noticed at first listening. Listen to the album is like open a window in a shiny spring morning after a big booze. Thanks a lot for all great songs . All I can say more is that The Hymans are played in our radio a lot!!!!! Viva Kempa, Pelle, Micke y Bempa !
-- (Patrick "the Master") Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger, radio station, France

Close-Up Magazine

I used to claim that the most boring band in Sweden are the Past from Köping. Now since listening to the Chairmen of the bored I have to say that there is nothing more uninteresting than The Hymans from Ludvika!
-- (Mikael Sörling) Close-Up Magazine, Sweden.


Check out this review from Glitzine, a Swedish Zine from 1999. HERE

Flipside Magazine

A Swedish band paying tribute to both the Ramones and TSOL. Interestingly enough, both Kempa and bempa plays on this one. Well, hey, at least it's better than Limp Bizkit.
-- (J.Cyco) Flipside, USA.

Shredding Paper Zine

Fine, another Ramones sound alike, but there is a little twist to this one, they sound like LATER Ramones! now at least that is an original way to sound like the Ramones. think " i want the airwaves" and you havethe sound exactly. singer Micke Hyman( yes, everyone has the last name Hyman) has every Joey vocal trick down, this is another international band that is on aMP out of Canada, this one being form Sweden. I gotta say the Hymans do this pretty well, too. the playing is tight, and i still wonder if it really is Joey singing.
-- (Mel C) Shredding Paper Zine, USA.