A Great nite for a burglary

A Great nite for a burglary

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Off the Hip Magazine

If ya like the Ramones ya really have to listen to this band. This is the closest ya gonna get unless you buy one of the Ramones albums. These guys are WILD!!!! I have one of their earlier albums, & going by this release nothing has changed. Still as good as ever. Fast 3 chord melodic punk rock. Fandango Records have a real good 7" on their hands here. And only 500 copies .... So be ultra quick, or ya gonna miss a real beauty here.
Off the Hip Magazine, Australia,

Pepe I Wanna

(Fandango Records). Nueva pedrada de los Ramones suecos: The Hymans. En esta nueva referencia editada en Washintong vía Fandango Records nos presentan un ramoniano tema propio “A Great Nite For A Burglary” y como cara B de este 7” revisan magníficamente el clásico “Carbona Not Glue” de Ramones. Buy or die!!!.
Pepe I Wanna. - 31/08/2001.