Hymiliation front cover



I've seen it all and I've had enough.
Can't take much more of all this crummy stuff.
Military laboratorial disease.
Environmental pressure always will increase.

Am I right?
Am I wrong?
Am i the first one to abandon paradise?
Is it right?
Is it true?
Can't I even get this message trough to you?

Restricted areas pollution has it's price.
They talk about it like it was a paradise.
Agriculture menace pressure on it all.
Human race is running right into the wall.

We now have learned how to read and write and lie.
I wonder why we can't learn how to survive.

Military laboratorial.....


I'm tired of hangin out here.
I'm tired of the rain.
You know I really love you.
I'm tired of the pain.


Please let me in.(x3)
Little Suzy


Little Mary-Anne.
You used to be my friend.
We wrote our names.
Down in the sand.
I never was the one.
Who likes to be alone.
I'm not to good with habits.
But I used to buy you flowers, baby.

Baby baby tell me what went wrong.
Those days are gone when we were strong.

You told me yesterday. That you wouldn't stay.
I still hold the phone.
I'm paralyzed and gone.
We used to go to movies.
Make an atmosphere.
I had my mind on cars.
But now it's stuck on you.

I used to buy you sweets.
You loved those coloured creeps.
You know I still care.
Stay away from danger.


Aggressive as hell.
I put a spell.
On those who don't understand.
I've got a right .
To live my own life.
I'm lead by my own hand.

It's my own life.


It was way beyond sanity.
I guess it cut some scars in me.
Flowers of death were lining up.
Never knew where to stop.

I didn't like no one but me.
Sometimes you know it's hard to be.
Wanted to have my own privacy.
Outcast of society.

But things aren't ever what they seem.
Guess I was living on a dream.

I'm an outcast of society (x3)
o-o-o-u-u-tcast of society.


I'm so happy.
I'm so excited.
I'm so thrilled.
Cause I've got a new friend.
I'm exhausted.
My nerves are shaky.
But I don't care.
The voices keeps me high.

I'm so glad I'm still hangin around. (x2)
So excited I'm not dead.

I eat you up.
I'm a parasite.
I've burnt the fuse.
I'm flying like a kite.

I'm so relieved I don't feel like a fly on the wall nomore.
What a thrill there is no one here to close the door.


I thought love was something that would never change.
The old one told me "Son, love is something strange".
I thought love was something that would never change.
Now i know love is something that makes death a friend.

I know - I know... Nothing about life

I thought mysteries of life was something nice.
The old one told me "Son it always has it's price".
"You're so naive" she told me, "easy to surprise".
Now I know changes sure are better than your lies.

You know what they're saying about love
Easy come easy go- I know,I know.

All those wasted years............


I see you walking away, holding his hand.
I see you smailing face in the mirror, teasing me all the time.
I don't know if you noticed me when we met.
I think I can see you smiling behind your annoying shield.

Those times we were together, seems far away.
You were always my pretty shelter, ready to crack a joke.
I still can't recall you told me why we had to quit.
I guess it doesn't matter, but I have to admit I miss you all the time.

What did I do? (x2)
Something went wrong babe.- what did I do?


I'm gonna tell you how I really feel.
I've got wounds that you can't heal.
Don't want you here, I don't want you around.
Can't you see I'm feeling down, down, down.,

I hate the radio can't watch TV.
Can't you see something's wrong with me.
Don't come back here, please don't call.
Something's wrong, I don't like this at all.

I need a brainsurgery.
Somethings wrong with me.
I need a brainsurgery.
Baby can't you see.


I don't know your name!!! -Guess it's Mary-Jane

I don't know your name...


I used to be quitter.
Hey this time.
I won't let you go.
Never had the patience.
Never stayed.
Always had to go.

Nex time, it's gonna work out fine.
I know next time, it's gonna work out fine.
It's gonna be allright

Always insecure.
Hey this time.
I know where I stand.
Always on my own babe.
Never had a helping hand.


I've got a girlfriend but I don't care.
You know I want you cause you are here.
No time to argue, don't wanna talk.
If you don't want me. I'm gonna walk...

C'mon baby I want you tonite...
C'mon baby I'm gonna make you feel allright

You try to to slander, you try to act.
But I'm above you, wont take that crap.
My hard days's over, yours just begun.
There's no tomorrow, let's have some fun...


I found her in the super market.
Met her eyes over the counter. (oh oh)
Bread butter and beans.
Do you know what that means?
I looked at her she stared at me
She remembered I could see over
Bbread butter and beans
Now I know what that means...

It means that she remembers me
And having buttered scones and tea
It means that she remembers me
Her boyfriend she wants me to be

Little Sheela. Little Sheela.
-I remember you.
Little Sheela. Little Sheela.
-Oh yeah oh oh oh oh oh.
Little Sheela. Little Sheela.
-You know I want you too.
Little Sheela, little Sheela, Oh yeah...(I remember you)