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HYMANITY - 1993 (Birdnest Records/BIRD043CD/Sweden)

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1. No love 9. Mental Case
2. Woodstock ´69 10. Lonely
3. Counting My Toes 11. Tonight
4. Coming Home 12. Out Of This World
5. She Said Things Gonna Be Alright 13. What Do You- Wanna Talk To Me For?
6. You Found Him 14.Under The Moon And Under The Sun
7. Bad Sense Of Direction 15. Brain Drain
8. I Won´t Let You Go 16. Love Is Hurting

3 -Cover CD EP 4 songs 1994 (Birdnest Records/BIRD061CD/Sweden)

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1. C'mon & love me (KISS)
2. Mrs Robinsson (Simon & Garfunkel)
3. Back in the USSR (Beatles)
4. The Beauty is in the beholders eyes (Charta 77)

HYMILIATION - 1995 (Steppinstone/STEP002/Sweden)

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1. Am i the first one to abandon paradise? 8.Brainsurgery
2.Please Let Me In 9.What Did I Do?
3.Those Days Are Gone 10.I Don´t Know Your Name
4. Aggressive As Hell 11.Next Time
5.Outcast Of Society 12.There´s No Tomorrow
6.I'm A Parasite 13.Little Sheela/ I remember you
7.I Know  

HYMAN RIGHTS - 1996 (Frank Records/FRANK3/Sweden)

Hyman Rights
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1. Hangin' On The Telephone (Blondie) 7.Hey Hey Hey Hey
2. There She Goes Again 8. I Don´t know Where I Belong
3. You Know 9. Let's Go! (Ramones)
4. You're A Nutcase 10. You Made Love To Something
      More Than Physical
5. She's My Girl (Leave Her Alone) 11. Bad Sense Of Direction (Live)
6. Sitting By Myself  

CHAIRMEN OF THE BORED - 1998 (AMP Records/Canada)

Chairmen of the bored
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1. Sick'n tired 5. Someone's coming after you
2. I wrote a letter 6. 7th heaven
3. I'm bored 7. I don't care
4. China girl 8. I don't wanna be loved.

HYBRIDS - 2000 (MP3.COM/Internet)

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1. A great nite for a burglary 5. I'm a clown
2. Creep 6. Dixie Motel
3. Rocker, 7. You push it you hide it
4. I don't need anybody like you 8. No chance