BIOGRAPHY - 25 Years of 1-2-3-4!

1984......the birth of a rock legend...

It was late summer in 1984 and the local band Sämund vise were supposed to play at the local Prästa Festival in Smedjebacken. The festival was arranged by SAMS ( a music institution in Smedjebacken) that was ruled by a very special mr Curt Björk - R.I.P. (well worth to mention). Then when 2 of the members went fishing to Norway, Micke and Hazzle called up Matte a drummer from Nyhammar and he said hell yeah... The Rehearsals went so well they decided to play the festival and so they did. On Saturday, August 18th dressed up with skiing-goggles and Clockwork Orange style jockstraps they simply DID IT, playing a few Ramones and Heartbreakers covers + a Leathernun tune if I remember correct. A guy in the audience, a relic of Smedjebackens evergoing white-trash-drug-addict-hardrock-wannabee culture came across and shouted loud "I have always loved hard rock!!", Hazzles immediate reply was "Fuck off retard" but nothing happened, I guess the "relic" was happy whatever had been said to him in that stage of awareness. 

The name of the band in this early stages was Svarta September (Black September), then they shifted name to Nagasaki Pirates and did a few gigs and finally in 1985 the name was changed into The Hymans. The band still kept the status as retards of rock and wanted to make great tunes with less tricks than other bands used. Later in 87 the bass-player moved and was shifted with a new vital force. Matte and Micke said goodbye to Hazzle and hello to Kempa. As a trio they played on for another 5 years, made demo tapes and gained good reviews from undergorund press. But still there was something missing in the concept, so they asked another guitarist to join them. The year was 1992 and his name was Bempa and he was kinda cute and young looking.... A retarded guitarist who only could play 3 chord wonders at volume 11 and that was it, quite enough for Hymans. And now Micke could concentrate o what he was doing best- the singing.

1993 - 1995...

A year after Bempa's parted they got a so called contract with Birdnest Records from Köping runned by Granberg an ancient friend of Micke but, and this is an important notice, he never really worshipped the Ramones and that kind of New Age punkrock´n´roll but he made a deal with the Hymans....He must´ve liked it anyway somehow. It resulted in Hymanity a 16 tune album recorded in a local studio in Ludvika called Studio KM Rockshop. Engineer was Rob Bacon and now wellknown Peter Tägtgren. The result never turned out as good as the Hymans had expected, it simply didn´t got mastered at all. Really good tunes never got the chance to show the potential that they have.

Hymans have been playing a lot across Sweden and once in Holland. Once reviewed by Dee Dee Ramone himself as Micke met him in Amsterdam 1995. Here´s his words about Hymiliation: "Finally I got one decent album in my collection, this is really great. Don´t give this to the boys (read. Ramones) 'cus then I'm out of the job as their songwriter.....". That was in 1995 when they had left Birdnest. In 1996 they recorded 11 more songs and parted on a few compilations and finally in december they put out the 10" LP Hyman Rights. (Check out the story, with images, when Micke and Pelle met Dee Dee in amsterdam 1995. Just click HERE!


was a year of only live gigs and songwriting.... Sort of a recess year for the boys. Guess the inspiration was lacking and some members didn't wanna give the best for the band. Anyhow those times are over now which is a good thing...

In 1998

Things were finally starting to happen around the boys. In march they got contacted by Larry Retard who runs AMP records in Lexington, Ontario, Canada... He liked their stuff a lot and all of a sudden Hymans had a fulllength CD deal in Canada/USA. Ain't that something huh... (Read more on the news site). Hymans will also do a split 7" with Spoiled Rotten (former Retards). So they had to make a recording again to put some songs out on those two projects.
The band were playing quite frequently the entire period from february til april and then when played a gig in Lidköping about 300 km's from Ludvika there was a big snowstorm and Matte's car broke down which made him totally berserk and without warning he jumped off the train so to say....He simply quit totally conditionless and that was it.

Now Hymans had to find a drummer and that asas...So then they called up Pelle Ramone, an old drumming buddy of the band, and asked him if he could put drums on 7 - 8 songs in two weeks time.
-Hell yeah he said and came up to rehearse all the way from Göteborg-430 km's away. 3 rehearsals later Hymans had even made a new song and had a drumming section never more tight and forceful. They even made a new song (Sick'n'Tired) on those 3 rehearsals. The studio sessions lasted 2 days, 2-3/5 at studio Abyss. Studio engineer this time was Tommy Tägtgren brother of Peter who had recorded the band quite a few times before. The result can be heard on both the fulllength album and the 7" split.

After the sessions Pelle left and went away to Göteborg again. Hymans had 3 gigs to do so they had to get a drummer and now they asked a friend named Dan. He said yes and then reharsal for 3 times and gig in Strängnäs. It went off ok so he stayed for another two gigs...One in Nyköping (a brilliant gig...) and one in Uppsala (misery). That was it, well Dan is a good drummer but just can't make the 8's which is crucial for a Hyman drummer. So Micke called up Pelle who really loves the band and really are a fabulous drummer and asked him if he would like to be a Hyman. He said yes and that's the end of this history lesson.

In July 1999

The Hymans did their US-Canadian tour. read more HERE.

Later on the same year Bempa fired himself/ got fired from the band on October 7TH a thursday 1999 after a gig at Club Alcazar in Stockholm.... There really isn't much to say about it, it's just what happened he went nuts again and everybody had had it long time ago so he quit sort of... From now on the story continues with Micke on both guitar and vocals....

Now the History has to be updated again as pretty much has happened since Bempa quit...
Matte came back after Pelle decided to move to Gothenburg... Then the last gig with Pelle in Gothenburg on the 28TH of April turned out to be a reall horrifyingly great experience.... Then 2 days later we had a gig with Matte in Uppsala or actually 2 gigs, one playing Ramones covers that turned out really fine and then later at night with a regular Hymans set or well a Hymans set without the new songs... That one didn't turn out that well and then when Pelle decided not to move to Gothenburg after all and asking if he could come back... Well what is there to say Pelle belongs to the band now and that's it. So from now on we're three as we've been since october the 7TH 1999.

The story continues...

Matte is finally back in the band and this time it's for good! Pelle left the band in december 2000 and Matte decided to come back after some pushing from Micke and Kempa. Since then we've played quite a lot as a three man combo and in may we decided together with bempa to try out the original line-up again at a gig in Grängesberg and it turned out so well we just had to continue.... So right now we're back in line all four of us playing faster' n louder than ever and we sure are Hyman proud!

Since January 2005

Guran Hyman has become the guitar hero of the Hymans he is a true guitar hero in the real Thuders school of rock but that didn't make him slow or har dto get into the Hymans beat 1-2-3-4 and he was ready to go! So now the Hymans is more solid and stable as a band than in many years.
Play Fast'n loud be Hyman Proud!

On March 2 nd The Hymans participated on a music contest called The Battle of The Tribute Bands, where 95% were heavy metal carbon copies that tried their best in copying every single note from their respective band aliases... Against all odds we qualified to the second round by running up as the numero dos in our Ramones dresses... first two sides of the It's Alive double album was consequetly and correclty copied into every single chord, 1-2-3-4 and pep-talk to the audience... Second round were again in Stockholm at the Mondo but this time the guys we're a bit off shore and missed one or two 1-2-3-4's so the tribute tale was all history, period... NOT! The boys are gonna play a second round on the ferry line Silja line and the Rock at Sea, again as the Ramones... Se more on the Tour side!

On June 18 the boys recorded 4 tunes (covers) of which one is going to be chosed for a Norwegian tribute album see News section, the songs recorded was, I wanna live, She's the one, Gimme gimme shock treatment and the Heartbreakers classic Get off the phone!
Of which one Gimme gimme shock treatment became the chosen one! .......

In October 2008

Bempa is back on guitar after a few years of disorientation in other projects. The original line-up (since Hazzle quit) is back on track.

February - May 2014

Bempa is out of the band again and this time it's final. Göran is back and on May 30th the 30 year anniversary takes place in the small village of Björbo @ the stage by the riverside at the might Fänforsen rapids. Friends like Charta 77, Larzon, Moonboys, The Past, Loudmouth and Anders Wendin (Moneybrother) attends with own shows and guest appearances.

Since then Göran is the guitarrist of the Hymans and since then the Hymans has been playing gigs and started to make new songs for new studio sessions some time in 2017. During late winter-spring some more shows are booked....